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Welcome Excursion

Ukai (Cormorant Fishing) Watching Tour is scheduled on the 1st day at the Nagaragawa River.

Ukai -cormorant fishing on the pristine Nagara river - is one of the most summer sights of Gifu City. Ukai is a traditional night fishing method in which an usho (Cormorant Fishing Master) and u (cormorant birds) work together to fish by the flames of Kagari-bi (fishing fire lanterns) reflecting on the dark surface of the river, with Mt Kinka and lofty Gifu Castle on its summit providing a dramatic backdrop to the scene.

For further information about Ukai Cormorant Fishing, please refer to here.

Ukai Cormorant Fishing

View Boarding area to Ukai viewing boat in a larger map


Banquet Dinner is scheduled on the 2nd day at Gifu Miyako Hotel, which is located next to the conference venue.


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23-25 May 2012