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About KES IIMSS 2012

Submission of Papers

Papers for consideration for the conference may be submitted to the General Track or to an Invited Session on a specific topic. A list of Invited Sessions being organised is available Authors should submit to the General Track unless their paper fits the scope of one of the Invited Sessions.

Papers must be uploaded onto the PROSE online submission and review system accessed from the main menu. Papers must be uploaded as a PDF document for review. If accepted, a full set of publication files in MS Word or LaTeX must be provided.

Accepted papers will be published by Springer Verlag, as book chapters in a volume of the KES / Springer series in Smart Innovation, Systems and Technology, indexed in various places. Please contact the publisher for more information about this.

Papers must be formatted according to the Springer instructions to be found Instructions are provided for preparing the document using MS Word and LaTeX - you may use either method.

Each accepted paper will be published as a book chapter, hence authors should follow the Springer instructions as if preparing a single chapter for book. Ignore the section in the Springer instructions entitled "Manuscript Submission to Springer", as authors will submit individual chapters and these will be assembled into a composite manuscript which the conference organisers will submit to Springer.

Papers should not exceed 10 pages in Springer format. Papers longer than this will be subject to an additional charge. Shorter papers will be acceptable if they adequately convey the material to be described, and are not so short as to be trivial or lacking in depth.

23-25 May 2012